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Adtech in the blockchain video gaming and Metaverse world

Composed by Guy Elhanani – a blockchain specialist and specialist

Over the last year we have seen a growing pattern of blockchain gaming jobs and blockchain Metaverse tasks. Even Facebook has actually badgered the trend and altered their name to Meta.

Naturally e-commerce and retail has followed into the area with huge brand names like Prada, Gucci, Adidas, Nike and so on opening virtual shops and producing NFT’s.

Now it appears Adtech is getting more attention from project founders searching for extra revenue streams for these kind of tasks and for extra money making.

Increasingly more games as well as metaverses are starting to include Ads and commercials in their tasks. Whether it’s through Signboards, logos, banners or any other methods and channels Guy Elhanani.

Another sector beginning to get appeal in the blockchain is media content. Undoubtedly Adtech will play a significant function in the success of those tasks and their capability to monetize their audience.

Based on these patterns I anticipate Adtech to play a major function in the future evolution of Blockchain based tasks and in the capability of those task to make it through long term and end up being rewarding.

Fundraising in the blockchain space

Composed by Guy Elhanani – a blockchain professional and expert

Fundraising in the blockchain area began initially as ICOs – preliminary coin offering.
After a boom in 2017-2018 it disappeared for a while. It returned in the form of IDOs – preliminary DEX offerings. Nowadays it broadened to INO – preliminary NFT offering, IMO – initial Metaverse offering, IGO – initial Gaming offering, IEO – initial Exchange offering and so on.

The techniques of fundraising have actually changed. In the past it was pure tokens in return for investment. While that is still a popular option, presently some blockchain business are raising in Equity or a mix of Equity and Tokens or through the sale of NFT’s or a mix of NFT’s and tokens and even land and property sales Guy Elhanani.

Another sector that grew is the launchpads space. These launchpads assist projects raise cash from the public/retail user and build awareness and hype for the job. Hundreds of launchpads have popped all over like mushrooms after rain. Every chain now has a couple of launchpads on it along with some particular to gaming or Metaverse or generalists.

Another tool that has ended up being popular for fundraising is reasonable launch with jobs like Copper launch where the job puts their token and starts at a high rate and the retail purchasers choose what is the best market price/value of tasks and at what cost they want to buy the job tokens.
Top jobs like Merit Circle guild managed to raise over $100M through this tool. Certainly, each job has its own demand and success and some fail to raise significant quantity through it Guy Elhanani.

While in the past there were limited amounts of blockchain/crypto financiers and funds then the success of some projects and the high multiple returns of those and the boost in the price of Bitcoin and other tokens and appeal triggered the drastic increase of funds, financiers, community VC’s and even household workplaces to get into the space and start investing.

That being said, with all these fundraising alternatives and different types of investors it’s incredibly essential for tasks to understand that it’s not a one type or option that fits all. Each job is unique and must have its fundraising strategy customized to the type of job, team, go to market technique, capital raised and a lot more criteria.
Very same with the kind of investors who fit each project. The ideal financiers might make a job effective or crush it!
The future of NFT’s.

Composed by Guy Elhanani – a blockchain professional and specialist.

We all became aware of NFT’s and Bored apes in the in 2015. Every project now has NFT’s and every artist is now creating NFT’s. It became hype and fashionable for almost every Blockchain company to have.

People are flipping NFT’s for a living and many individuals are making life altering revenues.

We even see today that Video gaming jobs are raising millions in NFT’s as an extra source of fund raising.

Different studies reveal a various portion of people who presently own NFT’s and people who prepare to own NFT’s but they all share the exact same stats that it will double and keep growing Guy Elhanani.

It seems like we remain in an NFT bubble which can’t sustain itself long term and will eventually blow up.

The majority of us correlate NFT’s to art and digital images however NFT’s are far more than that.
NFT’s can be used for various sectors including financial items, property, legal documents, e-commerce, video gaming, non art related antiques and much more.

Residence for example are starting to be offered as NFT’s. Big retail and E-commerce companies are starting to offer their product as NFT’s. Vocalists and recording artists are selling their tunes or parts of songs as audio NFT’s. Sports team are offering merchandise, souvenirs, Emphasizes top videos, seats in the arena as NFT’s and these are simply a couple of examples.

So while the NFT art bubble might at some point take off then I believe NFT’s are here to remain and become a growing number of popular in different areas of our lives.

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